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Some of the best arts and photos on DA I've come across. I do hope you'll find them to your liking too.



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Увидел тебя на Фафикшене.
А на самлибе/фикбуке ты есть???
Я уже год, как подсел на Нарико-фики. :lol:
HO4HOj-OXOTHUK Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NemoZER0 Dec 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
nice :D
Despite how busy I am, I've been making time to catch new AHNA episodes as they air.  I will say they've changed quite a few things and omitted others: no U-2501, no Yamato, no Hakugei III, no mention of Kotono Amaha.  And recently, Professor Osakabe's background has been heavily altered too.  It's like the anime is a condensed version of the story so far.  But since I read the manga too, I don't mind - I just observed that the anime simplifies things.  Hopefully more merchandise than a few plastic models will come out next year.  Hyuuga should probably be appearing in the next episode too.
Those Chinese cosplay shops are FAST.  "Arpeggio of Blue Steel" just came out and costumes for Gunzou, Takao, I-401, I-400, and Kirishima are already available. 0_0

Also, I just bought miniatures of two of the ships appearing in the story including the Repulse (possibly my favorite real-life battlecruiser) and Takao (she was already my favorite heavy cruiser before the manga with the Tone class coming after her because I thought the cruiser/carrier idea was pretty neat).

I am not really buying a lot right now because I have a number of important investments coming up on my schedule at some point (new cosplay stuff), but I love those two ships, and they're both AHNA characters now.  They can join the other miniature I already have, the legendary WW1 German light cruiser S.M.S. Emden.
HO4HOj-OXOTHUK Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wish some would be sold there... I'd like to have a Fog-ified model too... Not sure, which one I'd prefer, though.

Anyway, this time I think I'm going to beat /ak/ to translation. I've already finished transcribing into Chinese text yesterday, and right now I'm on page 15 of translation.
Should be done by my late afternoon today. so...
Sounds like fun.  I'm glad you're working so hard.  So far the episodes have been a lot of fun to watch, although I am not the biggest fan of that all-CGI animation.  (I prefer a blend of CGI ships/backgrounds and drawn/cel-shaded characters.)

As for Fog-ified models, model kits are going to be released by the end of this year, but these are going to be "traditional" models - you have to glue them together, prime them and paint them, and they'll probably feature waterslide decals.  I'm not good enough to build those.  I hope that "figure" or "gashapon"-like models - the little plug-and-fit desk models - will be released sometime next year, though.
It looks like all of the Myoko-class ships (the Takao's were improved Myoko's) and at least one of the remaining Takao's (the Atago) are stationed with Hiei.  That's one powerful squadron with all those heavy cruisers, considering cruisers were designed to pretty much operate alone.

It looks like Hiei's entire fleet has Mental Models, meaning they have to at least be Heavy Cruisers.  The Japanese are running out of Battleships.  I think the only ones we haven't seen are Mutsu, Fuso and Yamashiro and there were more mental models than that.  However, there are *plenty* of carriers and heavy cruisers left.  They haven't done any of the Japanese cruisers besides Takao and Maya.

Also, I suspect our maid Mental Model from last time is British.  We finally got a good side profile of her in this chapter.  I could tell right from looking at her lines that she is not Japanese and likely isn't German.  Judging from the arrangement of her stacks and her gun turrets I suspect she may be one of the two British sister battlecruisers, Repulse and Renown, also known as "HMS Refit" and "HMS Repair" because of how finicky they were.  I wouldn't be surprised if they chose those because at least one of the two was destroyed by the Japanese.

HMS Repulse:

HMS Renown:

The hull outline of the maid Mental Model is more of a match for the Repulse so I suspect that's who she might be.  This would also lead me to suspect she's from Scapa Fleet.
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